My adventure in Italy began August of 1972. My parents offered me the opportunity to study my third year of university with the California International programs in Firenze, Italia, where I also attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti. My classes there were under the supervision of Prof. Silvio Loffreddo. As if it were yesterday, I remember the first morning I ventured into the central market near Borgo San Lorenzo….its beauty of space, seasonal color and daily life have inspired and overwhelmed me for over thirty years.

From 1972 to 1981, for a four and a half year period of time, I lived and exhibited my work in Firenze. I returned to California and began my career as an artist/ aesthetics designer, working through out the United States and mainly in Northern California, creating ambiance, special effects and commissioned art work for a multitude of projects and my various clientele.

The news of my father facing the effects of esophageal carcinoma brought me back to our family Ranch near San Miguel and a new beginning in my life’s adventure I never imagined. Today I find myself amidst a new renaissance on the Central Coast of California and facing my life’s greatest challenges as an artist/ aesthetics designer, with a new joy of spirit and self, and a new vision of this place where I was born. September 1999….after nineteen years, I returned to my beloved Italia to find an old world filled with a new beauty and the reunion with dear friends beyond the imagination of my dreams. In October of 1999 I was accepted into the La Società delle Belle Arti Circolo degli Artisti and now find myself amidst another dream of once again showing my artwork in “Firenze.”

It was in 1973 I met an extraordinary talented Florentine artists who has guided me in many endeavors of exhibiting my work in Italia and it is to him and his family I give my gratitude. My dear friend Artista Roberto Ciabani….it is with all my heart I thank you for your gift of family and your hand of friendship.

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